10th Class Matric Result Bise Sahiwal Board 2023

10th Class Matric Result Bise Sahiwal Board 2023

Note: According to the 10th Class Sahiwal board exams started on the 3rd of April and were completed the exam on 18, April 2023, And the Result of the 1oth class will be announced on Monday 31 July at 10:00 Am,2023.

Eager to know your 2023 BISE Sahiwal Board 10th-class result? These results hold significant value, paving the way for higher education. Good grades can open opportunities for scholarships, elite college and university admissions, and diverse career paths. Therefore, excelling in your 10th-class examinations is key to ensuring a successful future. Various methods have been set up by the BISE Sahiwal Board for you to check your 10th class results.

Procedure for Online Result Verification

Multiple channels have been created by the BISE Sahiwal Board to facilitate the verification of your 10th-class result. Let’s explore each of these avenues:

How to Check BISE Sahiwal Board 10th Class Result 2023 Online

The Sahiwal Board has made it easy to access the 10th-class result via their official website. Here’s the straightforward process:

Navigate to the Sahiwal Board’s official website, http://www.bisesahiwal.edu.pk/. Locate the “Results” segment. Choose the 10th class result option and input your roll number. Press the “Submit” button to see your result. Verify BISE Sahiwal Board 10th Class Result 2023 Using SMS Service An alternative method to verify your 10th class result is by leveraging the SMS result service. To receive your result through SMS, follow these instructions:

Open the SMS application on your mobile device.

Create a new message and input your roll number. Dispatch the message to the 800292 shortcode provided by the BISE Sahiwal Board. In return, you’ll receive an SMS with your result on your mobile phone.

Understanding the Evaluation System for 10th Grade BISE Sahiwal Board 2023

BISE Sahiwal Board, in 2023, implements a specific passing system for 10th-grade exams.

Required Score: Students should aim to achieve the minimum passing marks, typically around 33%, in each subject. Achievement Rate: Students must also reach a specific percentage of total marks to pass the entire exam, with the required percentage fluctuating occasionally. Supplementary Exams: If a student does not achieve the required marks in one or more subjects, they can opt for supplementary exams to enhance their scores.

How to Access Your 10th Grade BISE Sahiwal Board 2023 Result by Roll Number and Name

Students can check their 10th-grade BISE Sahiwal Board 2023 results by following these steps:

  1. Open your preferred web browser on a PC or mobile device.
  2. Navigate to the official BISE Sahiwal Board website at http://www.bisesahiwal.edu.pk/.
  3. Seek out the “Results” or “Examination” section found on the website’s main page.
  4. Click on the link leading to the 10th-grade exam results for 2023.
  5. You’ll find a field where you can input your roll number and name on the results page.
  6. After inputting the necessary details, click the “Submit” button to initiate the results-checking process.
  7. Your result will be displayed on the screen. Ensure you review all details including marks, grades, and personal information.
  8. Consider taking a screenshot or printing the results page for future reference.

How to View 10th Grade Sahiwal Board Result via Gazette 2023

To view your 10th-grade result via the gazette method, follow these instructions:

  1. Go to the official Sahiwal Board website.
  2. Find the “Exam Results” section on the main page.
  3. Click the link leading to the 10th grade results.
  4. Choose the year 2023 from the dropdown menu.
  5. Input your roll number as instructed on the site.
  6. Confirm the information entered is correct.
  7. Click the “Submit” button after verification.
  8. Your result will be displayed, including individual subject grades and marks.

Retake Exams for 10th Grade 2023 The BISE Sahiwal Board

The Sahiwal board provides students with a chance to improve their grades via retake exams in 2023. These exams help students who didn’t achieve the necessary marks in their subjects to improve their scores and continue their educational journey without interruption.

Answer Sheet Review and Revelation Review/Re-evaluation: BISE Sahiwal Board often offers students the option to apply for a review or re-evaluation of their answer sheets. This is an in-depth examination of your test papers to confirm accurate grading. Revelation: A revealed copy of your graded answer sheet helps you understand how it was assessed and identify any marking errors.

About BISE Sahiwal Board 2023 BISE Sahiwal Board

Sahiwal Board is a key educational institution within the Sahiwal division. It is one of nine educational boards within the Punjab province, Pakistan, overseeing examinations and managing the educational system for intermediate (grades 11 and 12) and secondary (grades 9 and 10) levels in Sahiwal district and surrounding areas. The board registers students for these exams, assigning roll numbers and exam centers. Visit http://www.bisesahiwal.edu.pk/ for more information.


Q1: When will the BISE Sahiwal Board announce the 2023 10th-grade results?

A1: The BISE Sahiwal Board is expected to release the 10th-grade results on Monday, July 31, 2023.

Q2: What is the passing percentage for BISE Sahiwal Board 10th grade results in 2023?

A2: The passing percentage for the 2023 10th-grade results is 33%.

Q3: How can I check my BISE Sahiwal Board 10th grade results in 2023?

A3: You can check your results by entering your roll number on the official board website.

Q4: What if I don’t pass one or more subjects?

A4: You can sit for supplementary exams to improve your scores in the failed subjects.

Q5: How can I check my 10th-grade results via SMS for Sahiwal Board 2023?

A5: To check your results via SMS, send your roll number to 800292.”

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