10th Class Result Bise Multan Board 2023


Online Results for BISE Multan Board 10th Class Exams 2023

The year 2023 has witnessed the successful commencement and conclusion of the BISE Multan Board examinations in April. The announcement regarding the outcome of these exams, specifically the 10th class results, is scheduled for Monday, 31 July at 10:00 AM, 2023.

For students to be considered successful in these tests, they need to comply with the success standards determined by the BISE Multan Board for the 10th class examinations. A bare minimum score of 33% in every subject is usually necessary for progression. Besides achieving the overall percentage, it’s crucial that students meet the minimum required marks in each individual subject.

Accessing the 10th Class Results for BISE Multan Board 2023

Students can follow the steps listed below to access their 10th-class results:

  1. Visit the Multan Board’s official website at www.bisemultan.edu.pk.
  2. Navigate to the “Results” section.
  3. Click on the link for the 10th class result.
  4. Input your roll number and name as prompted.
  5. Wait for the result to appear on the screen.
  6. The option to download or print the result may also be available for future reference.

To check the result by name and roll number, the steps are similar. After visiting the official website, students must locate the “Results” or “Examination” section, find the 10th class result link, and input their roll number and name in the designated fields. After submitting this information, the result will be displayed.

For the convenience of students, the BISE Multan Board also allows results to be accessed via SMS. By sending their roll number to the provided code “800293”, students can receive an SMS containing their 10th class result.

Understanding the Grading System for BISE Multan Board 2023

The Multan Board employs a grading system for the 10th class results:

  • Grade A+: Assigned to students who score between 90 and 100 marks.
  • Grade A: Given to those who score between 80 and 89 marks.
  • Grade B: Given to those scoring between 70 and 79 marks.
  • Grade C: Assigned to students scoring between 60 and 69 marks.
  • Grade D: Awarded to students scoring between 50 and 59 marks.
  • Grade E: A failing grade, assigned to those scoring below 50 marks.

Supplementary Exams and Re-evaluation Process

For students who want to improve their grades or have not met the passing criteria, the Multan Board provides options for supplementary exams and a re-evaluation process. To apply for these, students need to contact their school’s administration and follow the necessary steps, which include obtaining and filling out the application form, paying the required fees, and submitting the application form to the designated office.

About BISE Multan Board

The Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Multan, conducts secondary and intermediate examinations in Multan and nearby areas, including Khanewal, Vehari, and Lodhran districts of Punjab, Pakistan. It oversees the examination process, issues certificates, and handles related activities, including affiliating schools and colleges in its jurisdiction.

Common FAQs about BISE Multan Board 10th Class Exams 2023

  • The BISE Multan Board will announce the 10th class result in 2023 on 31 July 2023.
  • The minimum passing mark for the 10th class exams is 33% for each subject.
  • The total marks for the 10th Class exams are 1100 for the Multan Board.
  • Students can check their 10th class results online on the Multan Board’s official website.
  • Students have the option to apply for rechecking or re-evaluation of their exam papers.

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